Tīrkultura 36h live sound installation
Unexpected Sources - a 36 h live sound installation
27 - 29 July, 2018
Cesis, Latvia

As part of Cesis Arts Festival 2018


“the result was something almost entirely unique, and frequently very enjoyable indeed.” – Drowned In Sound

“an intriguing picture of the state of Latvian performance art happening outside of Riga’a larger experimental music festivals” – Wire

“With passion, charm and audacity behind them, Latvia's Tirkultura could be building the humble beginnings of something very exciting” – The Quietus

Innovating the current festival model as we know it, the inaugural Tirkultura presents an exciting and unprecedented project as part of Latvia’s annual Cesis Arts Festival. Reframing ideas of curation, programming, and multidisciplinary arts, Tikultura will be organising a continuous 36 hour live performance-installation which will include performances, workshops, and specially commissioned artworks from the announced artists.

Tirkultura originally began as a radio station that broadcasts on Latvian Classic Radio. Rolands Pēterkops (Mareunrol’s fashion label) and Austris Mailītis (leader of Mailitis Architects and behind the Latvian National Open-air Stage) then created Tirkultura in installation form which has resulted in a truly multidisciplinary collaboration. 

Tirkultura builds on the radio station’s ethos of sharing inspiring and groundbreaking music to the public, and widening the discussion around the art of sound. At the core of Tirkultura is collaboration and inclusion, seeking to create an intimate dialogue between artist and audience through the creation of this exciting installation space. Both international and local Latvian artists will be presented equally alongside one another, delivering an eclectic and informative plethora of genres and styles. For the curious and the adventurous, Tirkultura will be a unique opportunity to gain insight into the rich art culture of Latvia and enjoy an integrated weekend of curated experiments. 

Rolands and Austris are both taking on the role of curator to bring together music, visuals and design, as well as designing and creating the event space from the ground up. This unique combination brings forward a passion to give Latvian artists an international platform and a shared vision for presenting music, visual arts and architecture under one conceptual project. Through the synthesis of these interrelated fields, Tirkultura will be telling a visual story of sound through special commissions on an impressive architecture backdrop. 

Where architecture becomes a mode of performance in itself, artists and audience will witness together the creation of the project as it unfolds over the weekend. 

“Rolands explains, that we wanted to create conditions where the spectator would be able to view the work & immediately connect with the artist by observing the pure form of creation. The installation is implemented as a collage between the space, the sound and light, amongst all we'll find music, visual art, film, performance art & fashion artists. An installation as a collaboration amongst all artists involved.

We'll be focusing on the art that transcending, that resonates in a way that it could bypass or even surpass the mainstream level. Presenting an honest and open format for showcasing all forms of art within a limited time-frame of 36 hours.”


Created as a weekly radio and online platform for broadcasting inspiring and groundbreaking music, Tirkultura radio sessions bring to audiences a carefully curated and conceptual selection of music, also expanding discussion on the art of sound by inviting leading culture personalties from music,  arts, poetry and performance background to reflect on the subject. 

Austris Mailītis
Austris Mailītis is a Latvian architect working with unique art & architecture projects. He was born in 1984 in the family of artists. Creation of artworks, cinema, architecture and design objects was his milieu since early childhood. He graduated as an architect from Riga Technical University in 2012. Austris Mailitis is an author of large scale projects including Latvian Pavilion in Expo 2010 Shanghai and Latvian National Open-air Stage - biggest open air stage in the world. In last years he has been an architect for Latvian pavilions in 55th and 56th Venice Art Biennale and has been working on unique building for levitation - Shaoling Flying Monks Temple in China. In 2011 he was awarded with national prize Architect's footprint for particular contribution in the development of Latvian architecture. In 2014 his work was nominated for EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture, Mies van der Rohe Award 2015.

His architecture studio MAILITIS ARCHITECTS is based in Riga. In 2017 received the The Latvian Architecture Award for Shaoling Flying Monks Temple in China. One of the main projects Austris together with the team is currently working on is the reconstruction of the Open-air Stage in Mežaparks.

Rolands Pēterkops
MAREUNROL'S was established by two fashion designers in 2012, Marite Mastina -Peterkopa and Rolands Pēterkops based in Riga, Latvia. Story is the core foundation of their creative expressions, therefore they work in various art disciplines. They create fashion collections twice a year, make short fashion movies, create set designs and fashion installations, as well as create costumes for opera and theatre.

MAREUNROL'S is included in the book "Pattern: 100 designers, 10 curators" (Phaidon, 2013) as one of 100 most talented designers working today. MAREUNROL’S is the first Latvian brand to be ever featured in the official programme of Paris Fashion week. Their costumes were bought by the Latvian National Museum of Art for its archive collection. Vogue Italy featured MAREUNROL’S among 200 of the most promising global designers. MAREUNROL’S was shortlisted for International Woolmark Prize 2016/17.