Dec 7th
Doors: 7.30pm, Presentation Begins: 8.00pm
NTs Bar
207, 1 Westgate St, London, E8 3RL

A conversation centred around the topics discussed in various issues of The Funambulist which articulates a critical discourse about the politics of the designed/built environment in relation to the bodies.  Featuring Ana Naomi de Sousa, Sinthujan Varatharajah, Sarah Turnbull, Mohamed Elshahed and Léopold Lambert.  

MOHAMED ELSHAHED, editor of Cairobserver, contributor to issue 1: Militarized Cities with the text "Cairo: Militarized Landscape.”  

SARAH TURNBULL, criminologist, contributor to issue 4: Carceral Environments with the piece coauthored with Tings Chak "Migrant Detention: Stories from the U.K.”  

SINTHUJAN VARATHARAJAH, PhD student in political geography, contributor to issue 5: Design & Racism with the text "The Keys to Return," and issue 8: Police with the text "Racial Profiling: Between Legal Actions and State Recognition.”  

ANA NAOMI DE SOUSA, documentary filmmaker and journalist, contributor to issue 10: Architecture & Colonialism with a "political walk" in London at night.  

LÉOPOLD LAMBERT, architect, editor-in-chief of The Funambulist.  

This event is hosted by FLOAT PR at the NT's Bar


The Funambulist Magazine, through its six annual issues, attempts to examine the politics of design in relation to the bodies. Each issue is dedicated to a particular topic involving a particular scale of design: urbanism, architecture, industrial and fashion design are thus mobilised without any hierarchy between them. The five first issues are respectively dedicated to militarised cities, suburban geographies, clothing politics, carceral environments and design and racism. The magazine operates in complement to two online platforms: a blog and a podcast. These three platforms are dedicated to bridge the disciplines of design and the humanities both through its editorial line and the choice of their contributors.