De Montford Suite
In Town Hall Hotel
London E2 9NF

Doors: 7pm
Performances: 7.30pm - 9.00pm
End: 10.00pm

Official Partner: Drowned In Sound
Official Sponsor: Late Night Tales


Anna Rose Carter - Piano Performance

Anna Rose Carter is a modern classical, minimalist pianist and one half of experimental duo Moon Ate The Dark. Anna will perform a solo piano set made up of new compositions, existing pieces and works in progress.

Ed Harcourt - Piano Performance

Ed Harcourt is a songwriter of ill repute. For piano day he will premiere some new material from his forthcoming seventh album, set for release later this year.

Lily Hunter Green - Bee Composed - Piano Performance and Violin

Lily Hunter Green, a sound installation artist will perform on the piano with violinist Tom Moore against a backdrop of bee recordings as well as present to the audience how her project 'Bee Composed' which which saw her place a beehive inside a piano, has helped increase awareness of the declining bee population.

Michael Salu - 'Nocturnes' - Short Film Premiere

Michael Salu an award-winning Creative Director, writer and visual artist will present the exclusive first play of 'Nocturnes', a specially commissioned short film created for Piano Day in collaboration with Float PR.

Robert Kaniepien - Tendencies - Painting on Canvas

Robert Kaniepien aka RK.Polak will create a bespoke piece of art across the evening on a 160cm x 160cm canvas using oil pastels, acrylic, enamel and pencil. The piece will be a continuation of his series called 'Tendencies'.

ROLI Seaboard RISE - Live Audio-Visual Performance

Musician and creative coder Felix Faire presents a real time audio visual performance using the ROLI Seaboard RISE, a radically new musical instrument that reimagines the piano keyboard as a soft, continuous surface and puts expression back at your fingertips.  

With special thanks to all the performers, Sofia Ilyas of Float PR, Kayleigh of Town Hall Hotel, Naile Muslu of Waggon Design, Nils Frahm and many others!

The poster was designed by Waggon Design and the image, is of an installation created by Lily Hunter Green to exhibit the material taken from inside the Piano Hive. The installation was located on the Henry Moore Lawn at Aldeburgh Music in 2014.

Held At The De Montford Suite In Town Hall Hotel

Held At The De Montford Suite In Town Hall Hotel