organ reframed

Union Chapel, 7–9 October

Organ Reframed – three days of film, intimate solo sets, improvisations and larger scale commissions

Based around Union Chapel’s 1877 organ, designed and built for the space, the weekend festival brings an experimental approach to this extraordinary instrument.

With the organ at its centre the festival presents a varied programme that will release it from its traditional roots. Organ Reframed will challenge perceptions of what this instrument is capable of.

James McVinnie, London Contemporary Orchestra, Craig Armstrong, Fennesz, Mark Fell, Philip Jeck, Simon Scott, Irene Buckley, Robert Ames, Laura Moody, Ed Dowie, Laetitia Sadier, Angele David-Guillou, Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch, Charles Matthews, Claire M Singer, John Beaumont, The Eternal Chord, Bill Thompson, Alex Groves, Chaines and Catherine Lamb.



Drowned In Sound  - Interview with Claire Singer, Read More
Drowned In Sound  - Interview with Robert Ames, Read More
Drowned In Sound  - Interview with James McVinnie, Read More
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Show Review/Features

The Line Of Best Fit - Review, Read More
Wire - Video Premiere, Read More
London In Stereo - Feature, Read More
Clash - DJ Mix by Claire Singer, Listen here
NTS - Live performance show, Listen Here
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Drowned in Sound – News Post, Read More
Fluid Radio – News Post Read More
Quietus –  News Post, Read More  

Drowned in Sound – interview series to run leading up to concert date with LCO and Claire Singer
The 405 – interview with Rob if LCO confirmed
Quietus – podcast request with Mark Bell, (Mark cannot make the dates offered)
Cone Magazine – potential video centered around organ, Cone are checking if the video can be created pre show, if not will be on the day of the show
Clash – Mix of organ inspired tracks (Claire creating)
London In Stereo – Top 5 tracks, completed by Claire
Fact – Tom F has made a pitch to interview LCO
The Line Of Best Fit – Considering feature


BBC3 – three track plays confirmed ahead a week ahead of shows
BBC3 - "The dates fall outside of our live shows (we broadcast tues-thurs) so we wouldn’t be able to do anything live on LJ itself"
NTS – Fennezs requested for show, have asked Rob from LCO if he would like to do the show instead
NTS – to record the sets and broadcast at a later date 

Live Reviews

Drowned in Sound – live review
Clash –  live review