nura is a new headphone that uses a unique sound wave technology to automatically measure your hearing (from the ear canal all the way to the brain) and then adapts the music perfectly for you. This results in richer sound that preserves all the nuance and detail of the studio recording.

Because nura combines both ear bud and typical headphone design, you can actually feel base in a tactile way while still getting all the higher tones clearly. The improved noise isolation also allows you to fully enjoy the music and get all the detail at lower volumes.  

how nura works


when sound hits the ear drum, it vibrates three tiny bones which in turn vibrate an organ in our head called the cochlear. the cochlear converts this sound energy into electrical signals that travel to the brain. these signals are then perceived as sound.

something surprising...

when our cochlear detects sound and sends signals to our brain, it also sends signals back to our ear drum. this causes the ear drum to vibrate a little, and creates a very faint sound. as it turns out, if you place a small microphone in the headphones you can actually detect the sound your ears generate. yes – your ears create sound!

it gets even cooler..

the sound that is produced by our ears and detected by our headphones internal microphone is encoded with information about how well you actually heard the sound that went in. So if we play a tone, and listen to the response – we can work out how well you heard that frequency of sound.

ok so...

VY headphones connect to the lightning/usb port of your smartphone. you press go, the headphones sweep through a bunch of sounds for about 60 seconds. the headphones then morph to match your ears perfectly, and provide rich balanced sound for you.

how do you know it works?

put them on and wait 2 seconds. they will greet you. and of course they sound better than anything you have had before!