“Powerfully emotive, instrumental music that consistently crosses genres.” 

Guy Andrews often found himself seeking some form of musical escapism prior to his DJ sets, leading him to one day return home and delete all of his old synth patches. “I’m starting this again with the aim to actually really enjoy what I’m doing” he thought, as he embarked on a musical reinvention of himself. So begun his writing for his debut album ‘Our Spaces’, over a period of two years.

Ignoring previously used DJ-friendly structures, tempos, and mix downs, ‘Our Spaces’ breathes a new power and directness, as Guy has re-focused his approach and style. Breaking free from previous genre constraints, he was finally able to simply write and express what was in his head. This paradigm shift is immediately evident from the album’s opening bars, with its emphatic percussion and reeling distortions a perennial feature throughout the album. This sonic aggression, however, is paralleled with a sensitivity and zeal that really adds a level of depth that is often hard to communicate consistently in album format.

While the LP exhibits a number of influences, ranging from break-beat and industrial, to softer electronica, its sound is unified through a highly dramatic aesthetic; the sound is expansive, at times breathtakingly so, and reaches its most poignant moments through melancholic guitar melodies and sweeping synth lines. In retrospect, Guy’s self-professed inhibition in his earlier work becomes clear when compared with the fluidity and power of ‘Our Spaces’. By opening up his sound in this way he has been able to deliver something raw, intense, and highly expressive.

It took him over a year to find the right plug-ins, synths, and signal chains to be able to create the intense type of distortion he was searching for. By Experimenting with distortion in far more creative ways, he was able to produce sounds that were more tonal and had a sense of movement; he also wanted to play chords with distortion, where you could distinctly hear the musicality within the chaos. The end result is a full-length that encapsulates powerful percussive riffs and anthemic synth lines, delivered on a sonic backdrop of panoramic textures.

“The new album really encapsulates all my influences and production experiments, and fuses them together. I wrote the album without a label in mind, and when it was done Houndstooth just seemed like the absolute perfect fit. They’ve really helped me complete the aesthetic and put out a record I’m truly proud of. It’s different to what I’ve put out before, but I’m more confident that this work embodies much more emotion and personality than I’ve ever previously been able to express in my music.” – Guy Andrews

Our Spaces will be released on Download, CD and LP via Houndstooth on 04 March, 2016. Our Spaces is the debut album from British-born musician, Guy Andrews.

Previous Press: ‘lulling the listener into a hum of tumbling snares and ambient keys’ – Resident Advisor


Tracklisting: 1. High Waters 2. All Our Flaws 3. Bereft of Focus, Bereft Of Will  4. Spirit Ritual 5. Without Names 6. In Autumn Arms
7. Our Spaces 8. Nøkken’s Song 9. Perception 10. Decipher 11. Paganism 12. Terminus


"Guy Andrews' 'Our Spaces' LP Is Apocalyptic Post-Rock For the Dancefloor" - Thump
"demonstrating his incredible attention to detail and knack for eliciting emotion from his music. " 9/10 - Exclaim
"a perfect mix of otherworldly techno and distorted post-rock, strewn together then torn right back up again" - Inverted Audio
"It aptly supplies a micro level to balance the grandeur of the grooves, especially when causing the synths to ripen and shine" - The Wire
"a success in innovating around established juxtapositions: build and release; live sounds and electronics; shadows and light." 7/10 - Drowned In Sound


Guy Andrews is a London based producer who is best known for creating textural electronic music which combines an array of influences from post-rock techno ambient and afrobeat inspired genres.

After a period of writing and producing ambient music under various aliases, Guy Andrews’ first release under his own name came about in 2011 for the critically acclaimed Hemlock record label. Since then he has gained support from tastemakers such as Massive Attack, Mary Anne Hobbs, Scuba, Untold and many more.

Guy Andrews has since released on a number of critically acclaimed labels such as Hotflush and Pennyroyal, scored for world-renowned photographer Nadav Kander, as well as collaborated with Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja for a remix of his well respected Battle Box series.

Guy Andrews continues to carve his way into the electronic music scene, exploring a new sonic palette with his début album out on Houndstooth Recordings in March 2016.

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