The Fountain of Youth is simply 100% natural, fresh coconut water. This is the clear liquid from inside the young, green coconut. It’s highly nutritious and is jammed full of vitamins and minerals and there’s no added sugar and no preservatives. It’s a great, natural energy drink.


Whilst lazing around on the beach on holiday, someone gave us a young green coconut with a straw poking out. We fell in love and decided to bring that drink back to our bar in Berlin. So started a long journey until we found exactly what we were looking for: the most wonderful people farming the very best coconuts and finally we had found something so fresh and delicious that it felt exactly like that very first drink on that beach. In fact it felt so good we decided to call it the Fountain of Youth.


The Fountain Of Youth is 100% natural coconut water, with absolutely nothing added, and of the highest quality and freshness possible to be found. We work with a collective of small farmers from a region in Thailand famed for the natural sweetness and delicate flavour of its coconuts and recog- nized as producing the very best coconut water. Indeed, this is the place the King of Thailand gets his coconut water from.


Directly after being harvested, the young coconuts are brought into the cooperative from the sur- rounding palm groves by the farmers who gathered them. Within hours of picking, each coconut is inspected and the husk is cut away and the top of the coconut is opened by hand, one at a time. Their precious water is then collected to be taste-tested, filtered and immediately placed into the cans and sealed. From here they are lightly heat-pasteurized with the whole process from the col- lection of the coconut water to the sealed can ready to be boxed up, lasting only a few hours so the water arrives here as fresh as possible.

520ml cans.

The Michelberger Hotel

The Hotel

The Michelberger Hotel in Berlin is in the centre of Berlin. Grown in a city we love, from the excitement of building an independent family business and from the joy of introducing the colourful little Michelberger world to guests and locals alike.

The Michelberger Restaurant

Run by head chef Alan Micks, the restaurant creates fresh flavours and explores all corners of plant based cuisine using only organic ingredients, mainly from farmers in Brandenburg. Breakfast, lunch and dinner offer an around the clock powerup food experience.

The Bar shaking things up. We decided to throw out all big brands and faceless products in favour of a selection of crafted products from independent, family-run enterprises from near by and far away. Chosen for their excellent quality and for the great people behind them; people who craft their prod- ucts instead of companies who craft their brands.The drinks are fresh, the cocktails are reimagined and the bar staff have good stories to tell. 

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