Please read the rider carefully.

If you have any problems with any of the items listed you must contact management as soon as possible or at least one month prior to the event. If no contact is made then it will be assumed the rider can be fulfilled to its full specifications.

All items listed must be provided by the promoter at his/hers sole cost unless confirmed otherwise with the artist and confirmed in writing.

1. Advertising and Promotion

Artwork: Use of artwork, promotional material, photos etc. must be approved or provided by the booking agent/management.

Interviews: The promoter cannot commit the artist to interviews, special appearances etc. without prior approval.

Guestlist: Promoter will provide five (5) complimentary tickets for the Artist for their sole use.

Billing: Ensure appropriate artist billing on all print and online promotional material

2. Equipment and Stage

Table: One (1) large DJ Table approx. 200cm x 80cm, covered in black cloth

Seating: One (1) Piano stool or one (1) chair 

Power Points: Two (2) power points (surge protected)  

PA / Sound system : One (1) stereo phono or 2.5mm jack audio input from performance area

NB. PA supplied should give a good, clear, full range reproduction to all audience areas. it should be a professional 4 way active system capable of producing 110 dbA at FOH position and consist of no less than 1500 W per 100 audience members.

Projector: 16:9 projector or Screen behind / by performance area (minimum recommended width 2.5m) HDMI or thunderbolt input from performance area.

NB. Projections and sound will both be driven from Macbook Pro on stage / performance area. Ground loops between Projector and Audio input are to be avoided.

Tech: One (1) audio tech familiar with the sound system 

Stage: 2m x 2m space for performance (Seaboard RISE 49, Ableton Push, Macbook pro + stands)

NB. Performance area should be even, clean and free of all non-show related obstacles

3. Other

Dressing room/area: one (1) dressing room/area is required and where possible access backstage to free wi-fi

Catering: On the artist’s arrival: several bottles of water, fresh fruit juice, clean eating drinking utensils and napkins.

For dinner one (1) hot vegetarian meal. Alternatively the equivalent of (1) buyout at a multiple of £20 can be made


Contact Name: Sofia Ilyas
Contact Email:
Tel No.: +44 (0) 7725 482 782