‘Ambivalence and melancholy are the prevailing moods on The Blue Hour’

Federico Albanese the musician from Milan announces his new album ‘The Blue Hour’ on the new German label ‘Neue Meister’ from Berlin Classics.

Berlin based, ‘piano poet’ Federico Albanese took inspiration from the brief transitional state between day and night, writing a collection of chamber-music miniatures that withdraw, explore, yet assert their laconic melodies all the more decisively. The emotions to which Albanese has given expression in his thirteen compositions have been articulated with well-considered gestures.

"There is a particular moment when opposites are very close, almost touching one another. When there is still light but not quite darkness. A world in between, where all things are uncertain, vague, floating into shade. We can follow or observe, unsure where this would lead - into darkness or light; into the shadow of memories and dreams. A reflection of our desires and hopes, ready to be seen or unseen. It can be asudden glimpse, with ideas turning into shapes, not yet complete. You can see things, but are unsurewhat they are. It is an unrevealed choice. A place to recover and heal, lulled by the security of the warm shadow of an ancient tree upon a hill." – Federico Albanese

The Blue Hour is out now via LP, CD and Download via Neue Meister




8/10 Mojo  
"Modest, crepuscular piano pieces" - 8/10 Uncut
"One of the most hauntingly beautiful records you'll ever hear" - 9/10 Drowned In Sound
 "finesse, sensitivity and lightness of touch: all the hallmarks of a great modern classical album." - 4.5/5 Music OMH    
"lyrical, rhythmic and emotive modern classical sound that enthrals to the last" - 9/10 Clash


Berlin based Federico Albanese is a composer born in Milan, Italy in 1982. His musical versatility is a natural gift that pushes him to explore music in all its facets. Albanese’s compositions are airy and cinematic, blending classical music, pop and psychedelia. He studied piano and clarinet as a child before becoming fascinated by rock music, performing in several bands. Influenced by folk, electronic, modern and contemporary classical music, his skills as a composer soon emerged.