dné - These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere

RELEASE DATE: 18th Nov 2016
LABEL: Majestic Casual . FORMAT: CD/DL/LP  

The debut album is not happening, I am quitting electronic music” - the words attached to Ondrej Holy’s 2013 release ‘Like Physical’. 

Ondrej aka dné had lost the spark. His will to create had faded, after gluing together an EP in an attempt to release the music he had been making. A majority of the ideas he had previously made had lost their magic, and it seemed he’d lost his audial vision too. Struggling to find a sound he wanted and tired of the endless possibilities, he began to hate making music.

After a decision was made in 2010 to first release an EP and then second complete his debut album, Ondrej’s half-written and unfinished tracks began to taunt him, resulting in a lack of creativity. Not only a lack of creativity but also personal setbacks in Ondrej’s health made the album writing process more challenging and exhausting for him to finish, and he was considering giving up.

His near-retirement from making music was short-lived, however. It’s often a return back to simplicity that provides those rare epiphanies, and it was shortly after throwing in the towel that Ondrej began to ask himself: “what if I limit myself, and just base the album on piano and a human clap? You don’t have to find a right sound for either of them, they have had one for centuries” 

Aside from the piano, featuring on the album are also guitar, voice, and strings, and C.Monts appears on ‘Stay Clothed Though’.

Although Ondrej is not classically trained and has almost no knowledge of music theory, his music speaks with an innate musicality. His style draws on beautiful orchestrations, sample-heavy techniques (including field recordings), organic beats and DIY-type recording and arrangement, giving his music a unique sound with an overarching cinematic feel.

Whilst aiming to create something timeless, the album, entitled ‘These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere’, became a 5 year long process of devotion, commitment and realisation. The record communicates an underlying commentary on today’s world of Internet driven hyper-realities, superficial connections and the increasing elusiveness of romance and relationships. Reflected in the song titles are themes of late-night chats, online dating, and fleeting moments of intimacy instead of finding deep and meaningful relationships.

In Ondrej’s own words: “You just live a long series of these semi feelings that are OK for the moment but don’t leave a significant memory in the long run.” 

As a result, these aren’t love songs but they are Ondrej’s reflections on trying to navigate through these experiences, which may feel melancholic but always seem to gain a light optimism in the end.



1. Meeting Points At 2AM 2. Public Making Out Is Like Ugh 3. These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere 
4. Stay Clothed Though (feat. C.Monts) 5. Friends Cleanse 6. More Like It 7. Reality Swallows Pusheen Cats
8. Asos Model Crush 9. Unnecessary Conversations 10. Kitchen Cry