Soft Confidence is the new album from DEEP LEARNING - the electronic pseudonym of Australian-born London composer & producer Richard Pike. 

With Soft Confidence Richard has captured an elegance of simplicity, a pure reduction of expression, in an attempt to find the core of music-making and the spiritual freedom that comes with it.

A Warp Records alumni, Richard has stripped away the guitar, vocals, and drum complexities of his band PVT (with brother Laurence Pike) to find a completely beat-less instrumental new territory. This is the first release from his own label Salmon Universe.

The result is a meditative, cosmic and unpretentious work loosely based around soft synthesis, as well as the use of analog tape echo and his vintage keyboards.

Deep Learning began as a series of back-to-basics minimal sketches for a large scale installation work by London company United Visual Artists – which occurred at the Tokyo National Museum. The focus on enhancing an architectural space (4 rooms were transformed) inspired Richard to let the music take on it's own life. The result is 8 tracks that were completed within one month in late 2017.

“The music was a respite from all the other music I was making at the time. It fulfilled me to make these small but expansive vignettes - of inner and outer life. I enjoyed creating quickly, finding a perfect moment before it became over-produced. A sense of balance that I was also looking for in my life. Ambient music is something I’ve always wanted to make. And I believe in our current times this kind of spiritual music is more relevant than ever.



01. Earth 02. Emotion 03. Firefly 04. Tokyo Slowdown 05. Stasis 06. Transit 07. Freedom Of Things 08. Soft Confidence (Firefly Reprise)

All tracks by Deep Learning 

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Since forming his band PVT in 1999 Richard has wandered between computer worlds and live instrumentation, explored and blurred lines between experimentalism, texture and melodic economy. His textural and melodic sensibilities exist here but in a pure, reductive form.

Richard has been working as a TV composer for years, recently scoring the Australian drama series remake of ‘Romper Stomper’, due for BBC (UK) and AMC (US) in 2018. The score is somewhere between Bernard Hermann's orchestral maximalism and the analog synthesis present in Deep Learning.

Richard is also a 35mm photographer, and for many years has been collecting night images, as can be seen on the cover – a view of the Shard from the most eastern point of Victoria Park, London.

“London is always moving, but - especially in winter - it's dead at night. The energy is still there though, in stasis. I guess that’s the idea. Exploring the positive buzz that connects everything. Slowed down x 100".

Profile Image/Artwork: By Wilk. Insta is: @w_i_l_k


"a gorgeous exploration of space and structure"The Line Of Best Fit
Hear Richard speak about his new album and record label (3min 50 sec) via Mary Anne Hobbs's BBC 6 Music

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