Please read the rider carefully.

If you have any problems with any of the items listed you must contact management as soon as possible or at least one month prior to the event. If no contact is made then it will be assumed the rider can be fulfilled to its full specifications.

All items listed must be provided by the promoter at his/hers sole cost unless confirmed otherwise with the artist and confirmed in writing.

1. Advertising and Promotion

Artwork: Please use artwork, promotional material, photos etc provided by the promotor. Any in-house artwork must be approved or provided by the booking agent/management.
Interviews: The promoter cannot commit the artist to interviews, special appearances etc. without prior approval.
Guestlist: Promoter will provide five (5) complimentary tickets for the Artist for their sole use.
Billing: Ensure appropriate artist billing on all print and online promotional material


One (1) drum set (bass drum 22”+pedal, floor tom16”, snare14”+stand, 2 cymbals stand (one for the cymbal, one for the Roland pad), rug
One (1) coated drum heads on snare and floor tom
One (1) crash ride cymbal 18”
4 short jack jack cables (in order to connect the nord modular and the roland sampler to the D.I.s) 

3. Equipment and Stage

Table: One (1) keyboard stand + wooden frame (ca.100 X 50cm) as a table for electronics covered in black cloth
Microphone: One (1) microphone stand (will be uses as a gong stand) 
Cables: Four (4)short jack jack cables (in order to connect the nord modular and the roland sampler to the D.I.s
Seating: One (1) Piano stool or one (1) chair
Power Points: Two (2) power points (surge protected)  
Monitors: Two (2) monitors
PA / Sound system : One (1) stereo phono or 2.5mm jack audio input from performance area

NB. PA supplied should give a good, clear, full range reproduction to all audience areas. it should be a professional 4 way active system capable of producing 110 dbA at FOH position and consist of no less than 1500 W per 100 audience members.

Tech: One (1) audio tech familiar with the sound system
Stage: 2m x 2m space for performance,

NB. Performance area should be even, clean and free of all non-show related obstacles


Artist should have sole and exclusive merchandise rights. Please contact promoter
Provide a clean well lit location in the lobby or close proximity to the performance an area setup for merchandise sales at least two (2) hours prior to show time.
Artist should be shown the exact location of the merch stand
1 (one) tables around 1.5m (l) x 0.75m(w) · one (1) small lamps if area is early lit
1 (one) (2) chairs and 1 (one) pens


Hotel: 4 stars minimum or if three stars please send details to the promoter for prior approval
Flight: please ensure all flight details are sent prior to booking. Baggage required: (1) hold on 40X70X30 and (1) additional checked luggage in case of a one week tour or residency. Please check prior to booking. Travel from the airport to the hotel or venue must be provided.
Train: if travel is via train please arrange collection from the venue to the hotel or venue.

5. Other

Dressing room/area: one (1) dressing room/area is required and where possible access backstage to free wi-fi
Catering: On the artist’s arrival: several bottles of still and sparkling water, tea, clean eating drinking utensils and napkins.
Dinner: For dinner one (1) hot meal provided at least two hours before with a side of vegetables. No red and green bell pepper
Alternatively the equivalent of (1) buyout at a multiple of £20 can be made


Embed: Andrea Belfi - Lead <iframe width="100%" height="450" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=";auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;show_comments=true&amp;show_user=true&amp;show_reposts=false&amp;visual=true"></iframe>


Embed: Andrea Belfi Performs 'Ore' Live at Funkhaus
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Embed: Andrea Belfi Performs Ton Live at Funkhaus
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Andrea Belfi - Speaks about 'Ore'
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Embed: Andrea Belfi - Lead (Music Video) 
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"an inspired and beautifully realised exploration" - Wire Magazine
"electronic swirls that blur the edges" - Electronic Sound Magazine

Andrea Belfi video premiere via Self Titled
In Depth with Andrea Belfi via Drowned In Sound
Dead Light 'Sleeper' (Andrea Belfi Remix) via XLR8R 
"really is glorious..." Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC6 Music
“a cult drama from italy…“ Gilles Peterson, BBC6 Music
In the Studio with Andrea Belfi via Headphone Commute
"thrilling and on-edge right from the off." - The Line Of Best Fit 
Andrea Belfi in discussion about 'Ore' via The Wire Magazine
Piano Day highlights featuring Andrea Belfi via Worldwide FM
"You have no concept of just how much a lone kettle drum can blow your mind until you’ve heard Andrea play one." - Mary Anne Hobbs via The Guardian


Booking Agent
Name: Tobias Schurig
Contact Email:

Sofia Ilyas
Contact Email:
Tel No.: +44 (0) 7725 482 782