a brand new print magazine celebrating iconic artists through artwork, illustration and literature


Recorder represents the meeting point between music mag, fan-zine, and comic book. Inspired by the "Golden Age" of the 80s pop weekly both in look and name, it covers each artist with a smile on its face - infographics, charts, lyrics, comic strips, life stories, short stories. Every issue will be limited edition, highly collectable, and will focus on one artist – all uniquely delivered via a lineup of world-class creative talent (writers, artists, designers). From The Beach Boys to Frank Ocean, Abba to The XX, each subject will have a timeless appeal.

The idea came to Recorder’s founder, Dan Tickner, a couple of years ago. Inspired by memories of the pop weekly and fortnightly, Dan looked back at a golden era of mag-culture and questioned the possibility of its revival. Now even more relevant in the digital age, the sense of anticipation between issues is something he wanted to revisit, while the tactile nature of print magazines as physical items are something he regards with an intrinsic value. 

Tickner’s enthusiasm is backed by stints at ATC ManagementVice Records, and writing for several publications. His vision for Recorder is to explore the artist in question through a combination of fact, fiction and fantasy - presenting a beautifully curated and produced physical piece, intended to be treasured and revisited. 



Website/Socials:  www.recordermagazine.com . facebook.com/recordermagazine . twitter/recordermag

Editor-in-Chief: Dan Tickner